March 03, 2013

I dunno about you guys ...
but whenever it's friday , I get super excited because 1. no classes 2. weekend is here = freedom !!
where i can sleep and read novels all day long , yay !

well , last friday we decided to have one steamboat slash teppanyaki night at one of my girl's hostel , we actually planned it during one of the days of CNY but too bad lots of our friends had something on
last thursday there was also a group of them doing steamboat though , but is okay because being truly malaysian , we are super kiasu and we made our night a themed one lol
even got invitation one haha

theme was ! red and pink with girls wearing headbands and guys with hats
we went for minimalism for decorations though...

okay so this was what the whole night was about - pichas !
we said to all " no pichas no food " thats why the guys obligated to agree on taking pichas for ...... more than 30 minutes with us lol
was grateful though , because everyone came themed =D
so , last friday night .......

well , guys being ....... guys so they had to do what they did !!
i'm sure they were thinking '' you want pichas we give you pichas " =.=

i think our theme is actually balloons though haha because all i see is balloons lol
the happy couple of the night ! *blow confetti

lol food eaten halfway becuase I always stuff food in my mouth before brain signals me to take foodporn pics

and !! it was also one of the girl's bday next week we decided to celebrate it early
so lomo cam to the rescue !

hope u had a nice weekend !!

me again ,
charisnk xoxo

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