fitting loom

February 22, 2013

hey there peeps !
like I promised , I'm back in action and will try to update as much as possible
this time though , I'd like to introduce you to an online page at facebook where i always buy their clothings which are cheap and in good quality ! What can we girls ask for more ?
The first time I tried buying from them , I was as hell scared as you see lots of online boutiques and pages selling clothes that are soooo diferrent from the pictures they posted ..
But fret not !
Fittingloom is nothing like that and ever since the first time , me and eve have been loyal customers !

Here are a few clothing i bought recently ....

my faithful denim jacket that was my first item from them *tears swells in eyes

see what i meant by faithful ???
Next , introducing another faithful companion , my off-shoulder chiffon white lace top ...

details ...

awesome , no ?
New beige sweater for CNY
top and shorts from fittingloom ....

aren't convinced yet ??
they also sell clothes for men !!!
this way you won't be guilty only buying cheap pretty clothes for yourself but also for your loved one as well ...
Posing here is eve's bf with his new love - burgundy slim fit jeans ...

if that is not enough !!!!
urgh customers now are so hard to impressed D=
they also sell bags and accessories too !! at awesome prices too !

I don't know about you ..... but as I am typing here I suddenly feel the urge to shop , again LOL

charisnk B.A.C ( back in action )

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