February 15, 2013

becuase we were too shamefully lazy , me and eve decided to give up on our blogs and maybe just update them like , once or twice annually *guilty laugh hahaha ...
well , seeing the title you know what she did !!
she .... she ..... she .... updated her blog a few days ago !!!
and !!!
she still bragged to me about it
so , you bloggers out there know what i had to do right ??
i had to ........... yes ! update my blog as well !
i had to save my dignity no ?

so skipping new year's eve , new year , CNY , shamefully ......
tho' i did post pictures on my instagram ! am still a blogger at heart =D
come follow me if u haven't ! ID is charisnk and you'll recognize my vain face D=
I hereby jump to the Vday since it's the nearest  and shall update my blog from now on *fingers cross
so , what did you do your your loved ones on this *uh hum special day ?
did you send your loved one and yourself for a romantic getaway at paris or japan or okay lah port dickson?
bought expensive gifts and flowers and threw rose petals on the bed and the jacuzzi ?
surprised the one with a ring and a romantic proposal ?

ermmmm well , i *uh hum did nothing of those
i ....... just made a last minute video for him and haha decided to get on with it LOL
gf points deducted , like usual !

Here it is so i hope u enjoy it as much as i did it ...
it's my first ever video i made so do bear with it =D

and no , it's not suppose to be funny DD=

cheers ,
charisnk ..... back in action , xoxo

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