why girls wanna be thin

May 07, 2012

giving slimming leggings a try with le sis eve lol

hopefully they will slim our legs then we'll be two happy girls *crossingfingers

okay coming to this topic , i'm sure the male species will not get the "I'm so fat !" logic that we always insist we have ,
well , le boyfie does ....
he always , always ask me to stuff myself up but how can I when i'm already so stuffed up ? #fml

here are the reasons we in the female species always always feel that we need slimming up !
well , according to me la

1. we DO look fat
this picha may look glamorous but look closely and i look so fugly #emo #bimbo
look at my chubby face ! those thunder thighs ! the flat chest !
fats , y u no go to my chest ??

this one here , the problem is at my tummy ,
le boyfie kept laughing and laughing at it though i said it is because of my dress i know deep deep down that my tummy is not flat one #fml

girls like me , we do realize that we're don't have long , slim legs that everybody dream of having , so we just have to make do ,
try stretching your legs as far as possible and ta dah !!

passable legs #proud

2. we are always surrounded by stick thin pretty girls
they are practically everywhere !
i get it if they not pretty we won't feel so pressure but WHY God , WHY can't you be fair ???
see this magazine cover page model ? stick thin !

girl's generation members ? all thin with long slim beautiful drooling legs !!

gossip girls ? thin !!!!

how can we not want to be like them ??
and deep deep down , we think that if we are as thin as them , we'll be as pretty as them
which is senseless i know , but that's what we believe ,
so don't go bursting our bubbles kay ?

3. we don't want to look fat
as easy as that , we also don't want to be referred to as the "chubby" girl !
chubby = fat
fat = no freaking way !

even though we don't wanna be fat , we don't wanna be too thin either ,
like her ,
we know that it is disgusting max !

so if you have a girlfriend that ia always complaining that she is fat ,
just let her be with her diet because we know our limit one ,
girl's ain't stupid okay ?

that's all for now ciao ~

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