May 10, 2012

today had the last paper and i was like , " phewwww ! finally ! "
went back home and fall dead on my bed
then , le sis and her boyfie come and fetch me out because we had an awesome plan to go to connaught pasar malam ,
see , if we go there around 7 something , it'll be jam and super potong steam one lo ..
so we decided to go leisure mall early and watch the avengers ( yayyyyyyy ) then around 6 drive to connaught which is 5 minutes away

that was the ori plan ,
but when we got there , the avengers is at 5 thirty meaning when we come out it'll be 7 something reach there at 8 ?

so we just walk aimlessly around leisure mall waiting for the time to pass
see what i bought there !!
supa cute hairband from this & that and only rm3 !!
love !!!!
they gave me the bag i think also more than rm3 la so i was like , zhuan dao !
lolol happy me ~

went to connaught around 6 and supa less people one !
we bought tomyam fish ball ( yum ! ) , lok lok ( yum ! ) , nyonya chicken ( super yum ! ), bird's egg with sausage (supa yum ! ) , egg roll ( yum ! ), hair clip , mangoes and lotssss
differetiated them with yums and supa yums so you know which one nicer lol
too bad i stuff all the food into my mouth the second i paid for them so no pichas lol
too bad !
must seriously force myself to stop and take nice pichas for blog *shakehead

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  1. okay,now i know to differentiate yums-ness and supa yums-ness! lol

  2. hahahahahahaahaha yaya now only know ah ? lolol xp