tidy closet

May 15, 2012

tidied my closet because was so bored and now i'm a proud owner of a tidy closet !!

#proud #bimbo
i swear i have to tidy it once every two months because it will be so untidy until i cannot stand it anymore i have to tidy it lol

so the final outcome is four bags full of unwanted clothes #shameonme
lol i swear i dunno where all the clothes come from hahaha
so i'm going to send them to unfortunate children at a orphanage nearby ,
at least i'll know that they'll appreciate them ! right ??
i mean , they won't be choosy right ?? lol unsure myself

hah some even have their price tags on
what ?! it was on sale and so damn cheap how to not buy oh ? #typical #shallow

babai old clothes ! hole you find yourself new owners that will appreciate you !!
now , who wants to go shopping with me ???? : D

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