Cinema 3D smart TV party

May 30, 2012

finally the long waited post of the LG partay i was talking about lol
was invited to the launching of their new 3D cinema TV at gardens =D
this is the outfit i wore to it *speechless*
wardrobe , y u no nice clothes one ???

forgive me , was too excited to post i didn't even bother to edit #shame #epic #fail #blogger

this is the 3D glasses they gave us !! okok borrow D=
i kept asking my plus one babe evon whether can bring home ,
she said probably can so i was so happy and go choose nice nice colours glasses then in the end they have to snatch it away from me and banned me from going to their party ever again !!

did i really did that ?
no la , they asked to have their glasses back so i gave it back unwillingly *sigh*

it was blur before the glasses and ta dah !!
3D effect ! awesome !!

goody bags !!
filled with a LG file , notebook , pen and *gasp* two GSC movie vouchers to any movie WTH
what good did i do in my previous life to deserve this ???

lol finally a picha with my plus one =D

as usual , i always chase my friends away to have my solo shot #camwhore

met with the famous blogger chuckei and her sister ashley

saw blogger audrey ooi too but she didn't have any make up on i scared she won't take picha with me
so suan le ba ,
i don't wanna be rejected D=

new blogger friends from penang
gotta salute their effort coming here man !
blogger yunice ...

blogger elaine ooi

dinner was provided but too many bloggers that night ,
me and babe evon have to take dinner at midvalley lol
luckily i left , don't wanna fight food with bloggers and create a scene heh heh
i still wanna go to parties one okay !! don't wanna be banned from any fun lol

thankiew LG for the awesome time there !!

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