hey there

May 06, 2012

happy going-to-end sunday !!
okay just gonna show you my baseball jacket lol nice ma ?
and peeps i need your help !
vote for me at this link
okay i admit this is not the best picha of me but vote anyway ya ?

if you dont know chinese , lemme explain , it's not virus , not hackers , not an evil scheme to cheat all your money though i really hope i know how to lol
it's an online competition that we have to pull votes ( sigh ) to win skincare products !
i was in the second place this afternoon but apparently some jealous bimbo go pull votes while i was napping !
girls this generation , why u so evil ???

too disappointed with the world today so i'm gonna drown myself with my sleep
pull votes for me if you can i'll be so grateful !
night peeps !

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