G hotel

May 14, 2012

went with le bestie to hang out at the view bar at G hotel
the view was breathtaking and the best thing ? the was no crowd at all !
probably because it is a sunday night and everyone will be resting and dreading for the mondays lol

forgive my shitty pichas because my baby cam don't take nice pichas at night and it is actually good for camwhoring only one so if my friends wanna buy it i will ask them to think twice , same here D :
seriously thinking of getting myself a more decent camera now lol p/s : baby cam is just 5 months old

inside the menu lol HAD to camshoot it ! too cute and funny lol

our drinks !! can never understand beer or wine so mocktail for me ! #epicfail

took lotsa lotsa pichas and had so much fun i miss le bestie as soon as i reach home *pout
lol decided not to post them here so chose some decent ones only heh

can you guess what i'm doing ?? haha
go there and find out yourself !!
okok admitting that i'm just too lazy describing le thingy there

babai and good night peeps !! tata ~

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