life gets in the way

May 26, 2012

having a seriously foul mood now
i dunno why time can't freeze and everything have to change
i don't remember whether it's a movie or a novel or a newspaper column i saw ,
it said something like this ...
" life gets in the way "
well , i mentioned before that i'm an emo person lol i don't think anybody will take me seriously
it just shows what i brilliant actor i am ,
but you DO NOT want to be near me when i'm in a foul mood , like now

anyways , a little sneak peak on what happened this week !
will blog about them later on ,
when i'm in a better mood of coz cause everything looks so unflattering to me now D=

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV launching party

photoshoot pichas at G tower hotel

tata peeps !
hope you have had a better day than me !

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  1. first time reader of your blog! hope you are feeling better! love your outfit pics!

    xo kerker
    The Ugly Moments