me vs bloggers

May 21, 2012

everytime i read other blogger's blog ( okok stalk lol )
i'm impress with their effort to look good and by taking loads of pichas with what , thousands of friends ?
looking good in a sense that they have le perfect make up , le perfect hair and le perfect outfit
how can one be so perfect ???
and !
they also never fail to update their blogs every i dunno , 2 days ?
how can their lives be so lifely so interesting so damn fun ? am i missing something ?
i'm a blogger too and i must have missed all the memos to those fun events D=
all i do is rotting at home ,
if i wanna sound nice , i'd say resting lol

okok i admit i don't normlly look so nice one lol
imagine the same face with oily hair , oily face and puffy eyes ,
that's more like what i normally look like lol
and obviously when i know i look no good i won't take pichas of myself so this is the nearest to rotting i can find

sometimes , the whole week i'll be at home not going out that i'll have trouble finding things to blog about D=
oh , i sound sad , don't I ? but it's the truth and truth hurts *pout*
so now you know why i don't update my blog as often as normal bloggers do !
*shy* have to hide le face now you know my secret !

so today is one of the days D=
one of these days i have to even play ( forcefully ) with my baby
even he sometimes have his things to do like staring into space , barking at unknown objects , enjoying his nap or following one of our tails i dunno why ...
even he also busier than me ! WTH

well , lucky for me i'm a #nerd lol
the only good thing is that when i have nothing to do i can always read my novels even if i read them for thousands of times already
this is my stack of books a few months ago and it have been doubled lol so more choices for me !!

okay , enough of my sad life liaw i'm going to either go terrorize my baby or lie down reading , like usual
so tata !!

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