Relive Your Moments With Sam Hui

May 16, 2012

He's back !!!
yes , sam hui's back and he's having a concert at Genting Arena of Stars !
even though some of you will think that he's more for the older generation like our parents ,
i beg to differ lol
i've been watching his shows as long as i remember ,
maybe it has something to do with my dad being a fan of his but still .....
his movies are epic and i absolutely love it !!
he is a legendary to some and me !

one of his shows i love is this ,
最佳拍档 or translated into the best partner
where i swear i watched every episodes *beam

yes , not to forget this !
笑傲江湖 ehh i dunno what it means in english but is #epic #love

even his songs are epic !!
which the lyrics are more practical compared to songs our generation which are more emotional
like this ! which is the never ending song lol

or this , which is so epic even the "new" hong kong movies uses its song

well , now sam hui is having a concert with details as below :

date : 25th May 2012 / 26th May 2012
time : 9pm / 8pm
venue : Arena of Stars , Genting

for more details , please log on to

to get sam hui's concert tickets , i guess i'll just learn from bruno mars ,

that is ,
I'd capture a grenade for ya ,
Throw my hand on the blade for ya ,
I'd jump in front of a train for ya ,
You'd know i'd do anything for ya
lolol dunno why but this song jumped to my mind , its a sign ! xp

hope i'll get to catch him live at his concert to relive all his #epic songs
tata ~

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  1. thanks a bunch !! but sad to say i wont be able to go =(( next time !