korean cuisine

May 05, 2012

so , le boyfie and I went to have our first try of korean cuisine ,
i mean , everyone that is anyone has been having this korean craze that i have no idea about since i never actually tried a decent korean meal except of course le nong shim korea cup noodles
which i know is sad ...

so when i saw midvalley having this new korean cuisine place i practically dragged le boyfie to try it out !
the atmosphere super nice one i super like !

this is how it look like when you pass by ...
nice , no ?

and the lights ! super chio one
i was taking this awesome picha and le boyfie was confused and asked why i wanna take a picha of it
he doesn't understand bloggers aka me !!
how can i let sometime as cute as this not be upload on my awesome blog ? ( lol ignore le me )

my bulgogi dubu beef set , beef with toufu in super spicy soupwith rice you'll see when you continue scrolling and side dishes ( mainly , kimchi , long beans and tauge )
caution : do not try this if you can't take spicy !!

because it was too spicy i had to trade it with boyfie's one ! #epicfail

okay , this is the rice that comes with it !
taste better than japanese rice one you should go try !
i really really need to change this blog to a food blog #wth

boyfie's soon dubu set meal , it's basically beef with egg , mixed vege and fried onions ,
taste the same as le japanese cuisine one if you ask me !

then dessert time !
my citron dubu , i asked them to served last because if they serve it first which they definitely will ,
i'll finish it before the main course then will not be able to finish my food liaw
with my tummy the size of a pea #truestory

gonna end le post with a camwhore picha ~

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