Openrice food tasting

July 24, 2013

I was invited for a food tasting with eve at 1919 Restaurant at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng last week
and I had to pose for #ootd hahaha

top- h&m
two tone denim shorts- cotton on
hairbow- DIY read
platform shoes- nile
bag- zara

I have to say that the ambience was amazing! would love to come here another day with some other person other than eve  p/s:I have other friends too!

the owner say that the surrounding is different in daylight and at night and I was there to prove it
In daylight....

1919 was originated from Hong Kong and then first branch was in Ipoh where I had the chance to visit a few years ago when I wasn't a blogger then haha so no post!
As you can see, they have a lot of antiques as decorations
so it is very berry comfortable to be in as it is very homey unlike posh restaurants where even the way you sit and sip water will cause glances lol

Eve lost a game of scissors stone and kain so she had to play a game of guessing the food
see her "beh song" (unhappy) face lollllll

after that we finally got to EATTTTTTTT
this french fries look alike is actually aubergine cut into thin slices and then deep fried YUMSSSSS

1919 signature curry
tastes more sweet than spicy and is love! see all the ingredientsssssss why so gracious one??

spinach with century eggs

my favorite dish of them all! salted egg fried chicken
practically drooling right now T.T

1919 signature toufu

Indonesia Prawns

Char Kuey Teow

and and and ! this dessert is a must have!
chocolate and mint ice cream with traditional crispy kaya pancake
the combination is AWESOMEEEEE

okay I probably sounds unenthusiastic while describing the food cause I submitted an essay to review their food so you can know why I don't want to repeat it all

okay as promised the night ambience!
I probably cheated a little since this is the second floor haha

view of the twin tower!

that's all for now!

signing off!

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