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August 01, 2013

heyah peeps! most of you probably noticed that I mostly blog at night! no? oh. okay. it's okay.
this is the downside of being a student *grumps* in the daylight there are always class, class and more class
well, I hope some of you noticed that I posted a picture that I'm going to Pengkalan hulu and Pulau Banting for a mission trip (I hope)
and boy have I learnt new things!
okay this first post is going to be about nature where for 3 days all I see is green, green and green haha
whether it's trees, lake water (also green!) and mountains lol

Pengkalan Hulu is at an orang asli kampung (village) that is almost as civilize as our town
but our mission is to go to the orang asli at Pulau Banting which is at the Temengor lake
and bring them food and clothes and the gospel
from Tasik Temengor to Pulau Banting takes around half and hour and I iz now dark T.T no more snow white, no more Korea girl T.T

okay I cheated HAPPY? this picture is taken from the web since the driver refuse to stop for me to take a picture of the sign to prove that I've been there

like I mentioned, the whole trip is about green,




and green

the journey was bearable since I had company from other celebs, like me
An yeong ha saeyo!

da jia hao! (guess where she's from!)

and wth okay. guess
sa wat dee kraup

lolllllllll this guy can seriously talk like a Thai so he shall be our Thai friend and here you see him being a Thai celebrity-wannabe hahaha

okay back to topic. nature.
oh we even saw a baby kid! looks exactly like a puppy only I swear! a puppy eating trash, that is

Captain all sail for our boat trip!
Aye Aye Captain Mandy *like a boss*

Raced with the other boats and got last haha

So, what did I say? green green and green. ahhhh the nature
stay tuned for my next post where I shall expose the orang asli!
curious how they look like? well, stay tuned!

dark skin me

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