a day at the park

August 06, 2013

Ohaii everybadeh ! it's been awhile since i spam my face from the beginning of my blog post so here's to old times lol
last sat me and eve decided to bring our baby to the park to meet new friends and if possible make new babies haha just kidding though it will be nice
well, in the end it turns out we were just playing games with our mind
continue reading to find out why!

prepared the baby (shampooed, blow dried and styled) - checked

breakfast picnic style - checked

and let's goooooo!!

There's a nice quiet park by the lake in Selangor where all doggies can come out to play and make new friends, called Desa Park City at a nice welcoming neighborhood
see, the name is also welcoming!
walking down the aisle filled with grass and trees and flowers

away from the hassles of the city

you can walk your doggie while interacting with other doggie owners
how fun!

well, that was probably what they thought when they first started the park
before technologies and anti social shits =.=
either pet owners are busy yakking into their handphones while letting their dogs harrass other doggies
anti social doggies are barking away at other cute little doggies
guess which group we are ? T.T yes the latter one where i think our baby is too used to human companion that when he sees other doggies he will bark "scram! they are mine!" HAHAHA
always see the silver lining lol.

okay so lonely walker we are!

there are even dog waste disposal bags when your pets poop
though some pet owners don't even care -.-

the weather was so nice the day we went that we can even chill beside the lake around 12pm

black singlet- forgot
high waist shorts- Timesquare
cotton blazer- cotton on
sandals- cotton on

Hello baby's auntie heehee

and here ends our trip!
next time I'll just save the effort and bring my lil' baby to the park in front of my house lah *sigh
no point trying to make new friends pffttttt
til' the next post then!

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