Linkin Park Living Things concert 2013

August 20, 2013

just came back from a concert at Bukit Jalil this week lol
YES! it is the much anticipated Linkin Park Living Things World Tour concert 2013 in Malaysia
hahaha you know the importance of it when the name is already so long lol
I actually got the ticket from the BFF makeover challenge when I won the prize!!
okok it's actually the consolation prize and I bet that is because they postpone the expiry date IF NOT !
I'll surely bagged the first prize haha for sure

was alone since they only gave one ticket to me D= #foreveralone
so selca-ed unshamelessly in front of the Ford booth lol

Here is the booth where they served us drinks and tit bits (kacang putih, seriously ??)

no #OOTD since I'm alone so this this my make up of the day

this is the stage before Linkin Park came out

and then after ......

everybody was so high man, I kinda felt my ticket got wasted haha since I squinted everytime they sing/shout
also I'm not a great fan of them having only occasionally listened to their songs when my lil bro listens to them haha at least i know they are eurasian! #successkidstory lol

I did shake according to the rythm though lol
and that's that. concert post ends here


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