BFF makeover challenge

July 16, 2013

I saw this challenge on chuckei's blog and didn't gave it a thought
but when on a shopping spree with le BFF who happened to also have read chuckei's post
we were like #challenge accepted lol
not only we will get to join in the fun, we may even get a chance to win! *fingers crossed*

The place we went to for our "makeover" was Kitschen, Time Square since le BFF wanted to buy some clothes there

their store is having a lot of new arrivals and we wanted to grab them allllllll but had to focus on our task haha
okay! here's a peek on mission ongoing!
floral jacket is love! but does not match our outfits

le BFF! if you think she is familiar, YESH she is the one who was celebrating my bday together with me

As you can see, we were holding loads of clothing with us but only managed to came up with one style
fail level 4643268964

here is le BFF before the makeover,
like I told her every single time, you need to show off your assets girl!
some more with assets as tasty as hers.........

*makeover in the making*
and deng deng!
one sexay chick coming your way!

showing off her small waist and also long long legs that I envy!
God, y u no fair to me? T.T
I love the details on her denim hot pants, don't you?

after her makeover, it is time for mine! *clears throat*
please do not put too much expectations on me T.T
my #OOTD

and here comes the most exciting part!
not that my BFF makeover is not exciting lah
my makeover!

I love the design of the dress which is extraordinary
and also the denim jacket with the UK flag

so, yay or nay?
le BFF said I looked 10cm taller hahaha so I iz a happy girl
I knew that short skirts and shorts suit me more since I have short legs T.T
but never expected it to be a reality lolllll

so, here is my challenge so how about yours?
hurry! because this challenge is until this week only
all you have to do is post your BFF makeover challenge on instagram or their fb page and do remember to add hashtags like #MyFiestaMovement and #Fashionista ya!
or go to their page and upload your BFF's makeover

easy as pie!
I have accepted the challenge so time for yours!
good luck and may the best girl win lol

made over me lol

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