July 21, 2013

I know that some of you may be very familiar with this particular hashtag as we cannot live without them lol
i mean, what is more satisfying than posting #OOTD picture on instagram and fb?
it is like an everyday mission lol wth #girlsbeinggirls

FYI, OOTD means outfit of the day (it is time to get out from your cave!)
but some of mine actually means outfit of that day haha since my practise is to NEVER EVER post two pics in instagram in a day lol you don't want to overstuff your followers with your face lolllll
here was my #OOTD (outfit of that day)

top- h&m
gradient denim shorts- cotton on
head band- D.I.Y from scarf

When I was browsing through a few Japanese magazines like Vivi and Mina, I found out that their models like to wear these types of headbows so I kind of D.I.Y myself haha
it is actually  just a square scarf

where I folded it into a triangle shape first

turn it a few times to make it long

then put it on your head and adjust the length and width you want....
tie a bow and ta dah!
a self-made hair bow

going to make more #OOTD post
is a bit blur coz the lightning was not good D= I seriously need a new camera! *hints*
hope you liked this fashion tutorial and you can make your own hair bow too!
no more dreaming to be a Japanese lol


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