Liebster award

July 09, 2013

was excited that Fion, Fione, Shermin and Marychee tagged me to do this Liebster award thing!
it was a couple of weeks back when I first saw this Liebster award thing I was thinking to myself, there's absolutely NO WAY that someone will actually nominate me and it DID happened *tears swimming*
some more nominated four times lol
okay i geddit, some of them are out of people to nominate THEN they thought of me
but it's okay! I AM still nominated lolll like I said, my optimism sometimes also awes myself

okay back to the topic!
so, what is this Liebster award?

okay, so I have been nominated. What to do?
1. write out 11 random facts about yourself
2. answer the questions the nominator has for you
3. nominate 11 other bloggers ( no tagging back )
4. ask 11 questions that you want them to answer
5. let them know they are nominated!

What is this award has to do with 11????
anyways, the 11 random facts about me is
1. I am petite in size
wished that I was 5cm taller and is still wishing that some miracle will happen
and some more I just HAD to find a 185cm boyfie lolll talk about some serious shit
bimbo, what you thinking?

2. I laugh alot
like, A LOT. I can come out with some totally silly jokes that only I think is funny and laugh like nobody's business haha I think I should stop my degree and go be a clown or a stand-up entertainer

thus my love story with memes lolll

3. No, we're not twins
that is what I had to answer when people ask whether I am twins with my sister eve
one more time I have to answer this, I swear I'll just say yes and get over it

4. I am fair
not the usual asian fair but seriously glow-in-the-light fair @.@
I know that asians like to be fair but being too fair is also a problem where friends will boycott you when you are taking photos T.T
They will always ask me to change the filter where the colour contrast isn't that obvious haha
on another better terms,
people in the uni, lecturers or course mates thinks that I am a foreigner , this I have no problem

5. I am a perfectionist
I'm sure that you know that IF you read my blog where le sis eve have this love-hate relationship when I take photos of her
I will need her to stand for at least 15 seconds looking for the "perfect" angle before pressing the shutter
but she can't deny that I take nice photos!
I am also a bit of OCD ( obsessive compulsive disorder ) where everything cannot be messy and must look nice
this is an example!

6. I prefer R&B love songs
the must-have songs when karaoke-ing are SHE "an jing le" , Twins "wo hen xiang ai ta" and ding dang "wo ai ta" and more!

7. I am an animal lover!
I love animals and I even call my baby dog my baby and force le boyfie to call him "son"! lolllllll
then le sis will be "ah yi" (auntie)
and call me dog whisperer since I talk with my baby everyday and treat him as a fellow human too

8. I love reading
My current favourite author is Dorothy Koomson and Jodi Picoult
Archie's comics and Reader's Digest are also common on my night stand which is FULL of books

9. I think friendship is more important than relationship
Boyfies come and go but best friends are here to stay!- has always been my motto
so, I always treat my friends better than my boyf, not that bad that I will leave him there to die when he needs water la... I will let him lick the few drops of water after my friends have had their share
lolllll okay kidding.

10. I have ridiculously straight hair
It has always been this way from young and I used to think it is a good thing
but now all grown up and is vain, I hate them when I want to curl my hair! my hair will be curly only for max 1 hour then all back to straight which is very berry frustrating when I used 45 minutes to curl them!
but thankfully! I found a way to curl my hair that will make it stay curly
comment me if you want to know the way to curl your ridiculously straight hair too!

11. Confidence is my middle name
I have a confidence level of 457864257 where when my BFF say that I look wierd and old in red lipstick, it bounces off and I still think I look great! HAHAHAHA
and and and
when one of my good friend say some girl is prettier, I will brush them off and say they have no taste! lollll
confidence is good for one's growth and it will definitely make you more beautiful but beware or you may end up like me *lowers head*
though I still think that I am correct in both situations LOL

FINALLY I am done with the random facts about me. I never know random facts are so hard to write about. phewwwwww!

Now is the time to answer my nominators's questions!
first, Fion's question

1. What is your fav cartoon character?
Rapunzel in Tangled and Merida from Brave

2. What are you favourite accessories?
currently I am obssessed with loud fashion statements necklaces

3. what is on your wish list right now?
need I say ? of course it's the Casio Tr-150 !!

and also a Celine Paris bag T.T

4.Name your favourite country and why?
Tokyoooooooooo DUH it is the shopping heaven for me !!

5. Who is your biggest celebrity crush? one female and one male
Male would be Lee Min Ho

while female will be Hebe Tian from SHE

6. If you had a time machine what year would you go back to and why?
1990's coz then I will still be naive and cute and have all my chilhdood memories T.T

7. What is your fav movie and movie series?
movie series would definitely be Once Upon A Time!

8. Who is/are your fav blogger?
Audrey ooi , Bong Qiu Qiu and Chuckei

9. What is your worst habit you wish to get rid of?
biting my tongue when in concentration? lolllll

10. What superpower do you want to have?
definitely intangibility! ( have to google to find superpowers ) where I can pass through doors and walls just like that
i wanted to be able to turn up in places just thinking of a place but apparently no such superpowers!
imagine if I want to go Pavilion I just need to think about it and DENG I will appear there

11. What is your fav quote of all time ?

Next is Fione's question!
1. State one of your fav features.
my nose I guess?

2. Who is your fav blogger?
Bong Qiu Qiu from singapore

3. Do you read/love my blog?
yeshhhhhhhhh definitely

4. Whay camera model are you using now?
Samsung mv800

5. What is in your wishlist?
stated in Fion's question

6. Money or status as a blogger?
Status I guess? coz status brings in money hahaha

7. What do you regret in your life?
not studying properly in high school T.T Or else I would have probably graduated now T.T T.T

8. Do you ever think of getting plastic surgery?
like every girl in the world, yes!

9. Which part of your body are you not satisfy of?
lower part T.T

10. Do you go to club?
yes but I am now too old to club and dance

11. fav accessories?
stated in Fion's question too!

okay I think this blog post is getting too long so I shall stop here!
my nominees are:

Evelyn Ngui ( HAH! )
Kristen KY
carmen Layrynn
Yen Ting
Evon Spencer
Audrey looi
Angeline Tang
Ben Dan
Kit Yee Lim
Jowey Kong
smiling eyes

My questions for you is to find questions to answer yourself ! hahaha so now you need 22 Q&A
because I am too lazy @.@
goodbye! I have spent 2 hours on this so good luck !

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