it has to come to an end

July 04, 2013

I still can't believe how time has flies
I'm sure you know the ritual, when you are having fun times flies like a jet and when you are bored of your mind time ticks as slowly as a tortoise
as promised this will be my post about the last celebration which is also the last, which marks the end of my 22 year life T.T
We planned this celebration since March since me and Javine's birthday is only 1 day apart we can celebrate them together!
The actual plan was to go to Best Western Hotel's suite but we figured since we won't be spending much time there may as well cancelled the plan lah a penny is a penny!
So the plan is dinner then club at Vertigo at The Gardens to let us know we are not young anymore HAHAHA ALL of us were having back pain or leg pain or even falling sick after
Youth, Y u no stay?

As usual, our party this time is themed lol what, i LOVE themes!!
guys have to wear black and girls white with at least 4 inch heel lollllll seriously
like this, the birthday girls (Javine and myself) can stand out from the crowd and wth one of them pointed out that it is like a wedding where bridesmaids wear a same colour HAHAHA it does look similiar...............
This is our sneak peak for the day
we were with a bridesmaid lolllllll

 dinner with the girls was at Alexis@The Gardens, Midvalley since we wanted a nice place with nice ambience to take nice photos, YES it is always about photos lol

Make of the day!

the girls and me

My parpadelle with meatballs

one of the girls's Ravioli which is AWESOME but comes in a very berry small portion

Roast Canadian Cod

A huge Salmon sandwich

and fish and chips

The food there were ALL in a very berry big portion and also tasted very berry yummy though the price may be a teeny weeny expensive but it was all worth it! I guess?
Self reminder: it is ALL about the photos


Then it is club time!
The two birthday girls

Happy birthday babe! We are now OLD  T.T
with the girlssssssss

with the guys-1 lolllll I have no idea where he went and only noticed it when the guys pointed it out HAH

Mixed emotion now since I feel happy and both sad at the same moment
happy that I have so many good friends and sad that time has to fly this fast
now is time for pressiesss

Thank you all of your presents! I love them all and I love you all too lol
and IF you haven't give me my present, why is it not here yet? *stares*
HAHAHA just joking, I had a good time and it is all that matters and presents are just a bonus
is it?

Til the next post,
mixed emotion me

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