goodbye June

July 01, 2013

June is really an awesome month, not only does it marks the middle of the year, it's also the birthday month of many awesome people including myself HAHAHA
so, you can imagine the sadness I feel now that it is July already
but I've had an awesome month so I have no regrets since I know I've live June to the fullest!
see you next year, June

The reason I haven't been blogging is I've been busy celebrating my birthday LOL
I think it should be called my birthday week since I've celebrated it for a whole week
I mean, how can you wake up one day and it's your birthday and have an awesome day and go back to normal the next day as if nothing ever happened????
Sorry but this isn't the way the Ngui's does it LOL we celebrate our birthdays for a week since I dunno when
so much so that my friend say that they will disappear this time next year haha as if it is going to happen!

okay enough with the stories and here comes the picturessssss
Round #1
pre-birthday celebration with the BFF at leisure mall (both of us are too lazy to go anywhere further)
we had lunch at some korea restaurant there
le BFF with her brown tea from Korea

My bibimbap which spicyness is level 1 and STILL is too hot for me -.-
I knew that I should have stick to the level 0

close up with appetizing and vibrant colours!

you have to mix the red sauce to the rice and mix mix mix and this is what turns out

le BFF stuffing herself hahaha
hers was also level 1 spicyness and it was also too hot for her so I recommend people that do not take spicy food to stick to level 0 though may sound very low, at least you can enjoy your meal!

For dessert we went to Hong Kong dessert @hui lui shan

so........ this is my birthday cake #1 haha

the food was already melting when we started to eat it haha since we were taking photos for at least 20 minutes #girlsbeinggirls

thankiew babe! you know I know you know I love u much!!

okay Round #2
wth I sound like those WWE announcers now LOL
steamboat and teppanyaki with family and carrot cake with cheese cream from secret recipe!

Round #3 is with le boyfie!
We went to Teeq Restaurant at Lot10, which surprisingly was a fine dining restaurant
we didn't know that until we arrived
The ambience was really nice and I said to le boyfie that we should come during Valentine's instead of my birthday celebration cause it was so romantic!
this is the park in front of the restaurant

We had to wait outside because the restaurant opens at 6pm while we were already there around 5.45pm haha it's okay, I can have more time to take photos

see what I mean?
The waiter even opened my napkin for me
even le boyfie never did that to me T.T

since we were their first customer, it was just us at the time and what more than to selca!

the food was superb and they weren't even pricey as other fine dining restaurants
my chicken maryland with bacon and cheese on top with mashed potato and salad at the side
which is also the best chicken maryland I've EVER tried

Boyfie's fried chicken burger with fries

birthday cake #3
moist chocolate cake with ice cream!

okay I will stop here since you need time to digest all the pichas hahaha
Round #4, which is also the most happening and the most people attending will be in my next post so stay tuned!

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