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June 20, 2013

what, don't tell me that it is Thursday already?
and I haven't even done anything worth blogging this week
well, the most interesting event was the trip to pavilion with the college mates
with another two of the guys MIA

and ......
finally! I went to TWG for their overrated tea that I keep seeing and seeing and seeing people post about

they have what, hundreds of different teas from all around the world and just choosing the tea you want will take you at least 15 minutes haha
well, that was what happened to me
and in the end I choose Jasmine Grand Tea and I may as well asked for chinese tea, since they taste the same =.=
A duped me.....

To adapt to the environment, I can also be sophisticated and high-class looking!

Though their tea is very worth the money! I've never tried scones and macaroons as nice as theirs!
good job TWG!
I will definitely come back for your tea set with a different choice of tea haha

After a satisfied tea time, it is time to do the real tough stuff on our agenda, shopping!
I'm not sure about other places but KL is having big BIG sales!
the kind that you will shop til you drop
Cotton On and H&M even has clothings from MYR15!

A window-shopping me outside The Face Shop

the long-legged maiden trying on bobbi brown's face stick

I never even tried to try on another different angle and her legs is already like a bamboo stick
I'm pretty sure if it was me, I'd look like.......

unfair much?

I hate you, all long legged maidens out there!
so that's all this week

looking forward to a better week ahead

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