all set

June 15, 2013

debated whether or not to blog at this time this day
and yes i really took this photo will debating ahaha I truely am a vainpot
seeing tomorrow is father's day then monday and tuesday is school day..... *sigh*
no choice but to blog if not my blog will be deserted AGAIN

seeing tomorrow is father's day, are you all set to celebrate with your hero?
I can say I am!
special present- checked
book restaurant- checked
all set! how bout you?

This year, Cadbury is having a personalized message written on the back of Cadbury's chocolate bar!
They called it "Say it with chocolate"
it really is very touching seeing them provide these kind of services to us

first of all, they will give you a form to fill...
just tick whichever message you want to say to your dad

then they will use this mold to mold the message onto the chocolate bar

and ta-dah! your message to daddy is done!

the staff was all very nice and allow us to take pictures of the whole process and all

thank you Cadbury staff!

after that, I went to bangsar south city for a casting where I got to meet nice people again and my faith in humanity is once again restored *wipes tears*
Eve calls this picture her masterpeice =.=

til the next post,

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