visondata pocket wifi launch

June 11, 2013

this is my first mbh (Malaysia's hottest blogger) event that I went to yesterday
yesh i know you know the reason I'm so efficient nao is to cover up the fact that I've been neglecting my blog for a whole week Y.Y

this launching event is very berry exclusive only for media peeps and they treated us to a tea set at Dome, the gardens

since it is a single invite (meaning no bringing any plus ones) there is nobody to take my OOTD pics so I have to do it by myself in the ladies haha

Visondata is a new technology in Malaysia where you can have international unlimited data roaming in a pocket wifi modem! awesome huh?

but it is only available when you go travelling abroad, too bad since I would LOVE to have one anytime anywhere here in Malaysia

they have either 3G/4G modem depending on the country you are going
3G modems can share up to 5 devices (so so cool) while 4G's one is up to 8 devices
imagining going abroad and updating your instagram and facebook and can even blog on-the-spot
heaven-like or what!

the white modem is the 3G one (smaller) and the black one is the 4G one

this is the wifi code and password
KT stands for Korea so yes, this is the korea modem

the different charges for the different country per day

 you can find out more at Visondata's website

almost forgot to take a picture with Tim before headng back home!
he will always insists he looks younger without glasses one, this vain man haha

and and and!
how to forget about goodie bags!

SRM is a mix-to-match serum skincare company that founded this visondata pocket wifi
they basically mix-to-match serums to match our different skin type
they are very well-known in countries like Taiwan and Korea
and they say that their dark eye circle serum is like magic where you can see immediate results with just one use! *in awe*
read here for more info

this was what is inside the goodie bag!

they gave us normal size serums!
what have I done to receive such awesome freebies *wipes tears*
and how did they know that I have always been wanting one cell repairing serum one??

okay this pic is abit blur, excuse moi

and they also have a free RM200 credit for us when we want to go abroad

happy me and feeling super blissed!
thank you srm!

me on seventh cloud

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