roses cart

June 10, 2013

hello blog! your writer had came back from a totourous and week and is amazingly still alive *wipes tears
this is a post that is late considered you have read eve's blog!
this is her first sponsored post and of course as a supporting big sister I have to blog about it too haha

roses cart is an online based accessories shop where their accessories are all so trendy and fashionable!
they are just established so go support them! gogogo
I would definitely buy from them too if not sponsored haha
not convinced huh? check them out then!

eve says that photoshooting with me is stress because I am kind of a perfectionist and need her to pose for at least 15 seconds before i press the shutter hahaha that's because I need to find the perfect angle what
okay so this is our not so formal photoshoot without make up one
If the response is good we may put on make up when we photoshoot LOL
i don't know why we so unprofessional one haha

back stage photos nao!!


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