RIPD movie review

August 16, 2013

no surprise with my blog post title haha
went to watch RIPD (Rest In Peace Department) the other day with le boyfie
it was actually quite entertaining and enlightening if you are looking for a movie just to relax
since I heard some unfair comment and reviews about this movie , whether they are
2) not worth the money
3) not funny AT ALL

I am happy that I did not let all these negative reviews stopped me from watching it!
Sometimes, I think those movie critics should keep their comments to themselves as they are such a spoiler and I can't tell you how many times I don't watch movies just because I read reviews that they are no good 
but then heard from friends or families that the movie was actually very decent and nice 

so I am here to give RIPD the justice they need!
I actually found the scene where Jeff Bridge (Roy Pulsipher) was the blonde hottie and Ryan Reynolds (Nick Walker) was the old chinese man the funniest lolllll

and I personally think that Ryan Reynolds is super H.O.T hahaha just saying.
lastly, give RIPD a chance and ignore those stupid movie critics


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