Part 2

August 04, 2013

Aloha! I'm having a really bad sniffle and I have three theories

A) I caught it from Thai guy
B) I lack sleep
C) I lack vitamin C
so I ditched Thai guy, slept for 12 hours and ate yoghurt and orange juice for vitamin C

the sniffles is here to stay

okay back to the main topic!
this post will be the main part of our mission trip, what we did, who we met, and what happened
first of all, meet faithful companion- teddy!

and new mates with Thai guy lolllll

the main objective of this trip is to bring food to the orang asli and get to know them

on the motorboat with eve, before I became Barbeque chicken T.T

when we reached, we saw the places of the orang asli

there were two dogs on the island and we wondered how they got here since we had to travel by boat

glimpes of the orang asli kids, they look more like Afican kids, no? big surprise since I expect them to look more malay heehee

wait, what are they doing??

This spoiler was teaching the kids how to play games from Samsung note!!

adopted a kid too lol and forced him to smile to become "handsome" HAHA

 the next day, we went to the border near Thailand and they sell these Thailand stuff and food

OOTD- Forever21 dress, cotton on sandals

Had an awesome experience there and would like to recommend you guys to go one in the future
it was very memorable and will definitely open your eyesight to our nation!
last of all, my masterpeice! bubbles selling for rm12 which is slightly overprice

til the next post!

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