August hauls

August 29, 2013

ohaiyo readers! sorry for the MIA week T.T being a student and a blogger is not easy
so I am always in awe of those bloggers slash students that can constantly update their blogs
after this post I'll probably also be MIA for awhile since exams is near *sigh*
it's the time of the semester already and the truth? I don't think i really know what I learnt this semester HAHAHA

anyways enough with the emo thoughts this post is about hauls i got this month haha i really love them so would like to share it with all of you!
the first is my big eye tool - fresh kon lens!
I always buy their lens because
1) my eyes are not too big so I only want lens that enlarge my pupils A LITTLE or else I'll look like an alien or a small girl, both not preferable
2) their color are so natural that people won't even noticed I am wearing them
3) they have 55% water content so it's super comfortable wearing compared to other color lens

maybe it's because I'm not that young anymore (sigh) I prefer make up/ lens that are more natural

bigger-but-still-considered-normal pupils!

 next on is my new affordable color lipbalm from NYX (available at all Sephora outlets)
before after picture for contrast

I love this colour lipbalm because
1) it is dirty cheap! only RM19 for immediate sexay lips
2) the color is not matte so is easy to put on
3) good for chipped/ dry lips!

one instant kissable lips! lol.

next on of course is my body fragrance
had some new fragrance mist from victoria secret but my favourite is this secret charm
one time when i was putting it on, le sis asked me," is that your secret charm?"
I replied "yeah, this is my secret to charm people" LOL

acting fail max because of the cap HAHAHA

love love love what I bought this month !!!

top- levi's
skirt- DUET

This post is my bribe for permission to be MIA these few weeks! hahaha

til then!
just me.

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