another #OOTW

September 08, 2013

once in a while when I am browsing other bloggers' blogs, I get motivated to blog
and ta dah this day is kinds like those days so I'll post a quick one
went to penang for a wedding and met up with a couple of Penang blogger friend!
how I wish they were based in KL *sigh* but it was a fun time spent with the girls

anyways that will be another blog post while this one is about yet another #OOTW (outfit of the week) lol
since sometimes when I take OOTD pictures I forgot about them without posting them so here they are!
my style is normally casual with a hint of k-pop lol I don't dress to impress but rather to feel good myself, I mean, when you look good you feel good and the day is good whereas imagine you feeling bad and the day will go bad for you. different perspective, different consequence, see?

#1 look: uni look haha. I normally dress down when in uni cause unwanted attention is better lol

 top- Kitschen singlet
bottom- Cotton On two tone denim shorts
outer wear- Cotton On mint cardigan ( my fav colour)
shoes- converse from Sungei Wang

#2 look - date with le boyfie

top- singlet from Kitchen
inner top-black crop singlet top from h&m
shoes- Timesquare

#3 look - bestie's convocation at Utar Kampar

inner singlet - Uniqlo
maxi dress- somewhere
denim tied on waist- Fittingloom
sandals- Vincci
bag- present

#4 look - uni mate birthday celebration

top- Timesquare
bottom- denim high waist skirt from Ipoh
tribal chocker- Forever 21
sling bag- taken from sis

#5 look - sister's birthday dinner celebration

top- cotton long sleeve from fittingloom
skirt- denim high waist from Ipoh
leopard printed shoes- Thai fair

#6 look - shopping with family

top- somewhere
shorts- fittingloom
shoes- boots from The Mines

As you have seen, I am a failed fashion blogger since I don't remember where I bought my stuff and it is mostly from the same places hahaha
budgeted blogger is like that lah and I have to keep telling myself that once I have the money my wardrobe won't look this pathetic but let's see when that will happen lol

Til then,

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