u get what you're given

September 25, 2013

okay you may be correct that I am guilty on ranting out on the previous post so this post should be relatively normal lol. but i do agree that my blog posts title recently (these two days only D=) are more cliche then ever because I love cliche titles! This is what we marketing people are studying anyways. wouldn't want to wastes all my studies, no?

okay, back to the topic! you may stop holding your breathe because i won't be blogging about emotional things anymore
this blog is about how to accept fact and live on lol.
here are some facts about me:
1) I am short. full stop.
2) no body shape
3) hairy
4) shorty legs.

the lists may go on and on but that will be another post. lol
these are facts about me and yes I am the first to admit that I am not happy with them but they are stuck to me, no matter whether I scream and shout and curse
so, being the happy-go-lucky ( mostly ) person I am , I accept them and try to improvise.
HOWWWWWWW , you may ask
1) heels are my saviour, that's why when my friends are dragging their feet after wearing a 4 ich heel for 1 hour, I am still strutting confidently lol

2) I buy padded bras. simple.
3) veet!
4) I almost always always wear high-waist shorts/skirts that will make my legs look 20cm longer. oh. and stretch as far as possible when taking #OOTD pictures lol. this together with number 1, I am indestructible baybeh.

What if I have small eyes?
make up lah lady. ever heard of no ugly woman only lazy ones?

What if I am dark?
Hello. Vaselline whitening lotion helps

What if I have a super round face?
angles baybeh. hide half your face behind those bangs

haha. I am made to be a psychiatrist! *shoves my interning-psychology-major-sister eve away*


pose. shove. stretch.
easy peasy!

and if all these don't work, I just crop the damn picture.

Hope this post gives you some motivation. tata

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