Jang Gun Buffet, Farenheit

September 11, 2013

Hi there! this is an overdue post as well so you probably need to get use to them lol
me and my uni mates decided to go try out this newly open Korean n Japanese buffet restaurant at Farenheit and seeing that one of my girl bought vouchers from Groupon, off we go!

the location is a bit isolated so I had a hard time looking for it
just in case you would like to try them out, they are on Farenheit's ground floor, just walk straight from the main entrance and you'll probably see their entrance
this is the only picture of the entrance I have with me acting chio lol

We were seated at the back so this is the only pic of the restaurant I took without having to run all around like a madwoman
as you can see the ambience is pretty comfortable and is ideal for gathering with friends!

Like I mentioned, it is an Korean plus Japanese buffet restaurant so they have food from these countries like sushi, Korean BBQ where you can order and they will BBQ it for you and this is probably the best tasting food here lol ( personal opinion ), other korean cuisine ( damned if i remembered all the names ) and the food rating is 6/10, maybe? of cause excluding the Korean BBQ which is 9/10! Don't want to give full marks because I am actsy lollll

When two or more girls get together, they will definitely have a camwhore session! I can guarantee on my life itself

ugh, I hate my gummy smile DD=

and while these three were unshamelessly busy using my baby cam to camwhore....

I was stuffing myself with their dessert lol their dessert is probably the worst on their menu (once again, personal opinion) as the chocolate fondue is stationary making the chocolate hard and fruits that are not as sweet as my expectations are
I mean, if you want to have a chocolate fondue, why not go invest in a proper fountain one?
so this is me before I tried them haha I look hopeful

okay lah, the best dessert goes to.......... their ice cream
I love Ice cream as they never fails me, except the cheap fake ones lah haha

I also personally made a birthday cake for these two as it is their birthday month!
nice to see, nice to hold, once eaten, you'll never come back lol

so here ends my review of this new restaurant
If you want to try out these kind of Korean slash Japanese buffets I suggest you add another 20 bucks and go to kampachi or Jogoya

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