not you again?!

September 24, 2013

The impression i usually give off to others is happy-go-lucky, optimistic, the-girl-who-laughs-too-much
and it's true! this is who I am .......... well, most of the time
If you are a female, I can secretly send you this you-know-what-I-mean mr.Bean look

and if you are a male, I can only ask you to reconsider your stand that happy-go-lucky girls are 24/7, 365days happy-go-lucky with zero moodiness in them,
and you are considering breaking up with your gf who is such a prick for always letting it up on you and you think you'll find yourself a prettier, happier gf lah,
pfftt no such thing

It's the same old ritual every month.. we girls look at the calendar, it's the you-know-what period and we get all moody and insecure and fussy and emotional
then you ask your one-hour-distance boyf why you never spend time with me, you don't love me ah *tears dropping*
then he goes, oh-no not again
I mean, I am the emotional one in the house so nobody dares to talk loudly to me in case i pull out my ultimate weapon- tears
i  use them when I am happy
i use them when i am sad
i use them when i am touched
i use them when i am angry
i use them when i am sleep lol
all my reactions has to do with my tears so imagine the power I have on le boyf lol.
but remember girls, overuse it and you're done.

this will go on and on and on until we get our menopause then le then-boyf-now-husband says,
hurray I finally manage to get rid of all her nonsense and finally have a life
that is where they are wrong.......
menopause woman are known for their mood swings and emotional uncertainty
so conclusion: either you become gay or you learn to adapt

......................... and that is my whole life story. Thanks for reading while i stuff my 600 calories rice dumpling down my throat.

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