Regen Cosmetic 2 step mask

September 02, 2014

Hello there lovelies! just came back from a getaway to Port Dickson and am singing my blues now at home
why do we always enjoy the time away from home/work/uni so much that we dread coming back to reality
This time I'll be introducing to all of you the very popular Regen Cosmetic that all the popular public figures are using
FYI, Regen Cosmetic is a prestige brand made by plastic surgeons and dermatologist in Korea
Koreans are always so perfectionist and thus always looking out for more ways to look more perfect
A small and solid face is always what we girls want, no? The first thing I look in my picture is whether I have a big ass face (happens all the time) then delete them if yes lol #storyofmylife
Thanks to Regencos I can now achieve it without any surgery done!
Even celebrities love' em!

This is how the packaging of the masks looks like- trendy and fashionable

There are four different types of them- (from left) wrinkle, whitening, pore, moisturizing

Step 1 (Synergy Effect Mask)
open the step 1 package opening and spread the cotton sheet onto your upper half of your face

One thing I love is the overflowing sebum! other than applying onto your lower bottom of the face, there are plenty left for my neck, hands and legs hahaha

Step 2 (Synergy Effect V-Mask)
the special part of the mask!
It comes with a white plastic cover and just tear them apart to reveal the spongy layer

The spongy layer that I mentioned is made out of halophytes

Super elastic one!

Just stretch it until the holes come behind your ears, this is for better circulation of the blood and also decrease the bloatiness in your face for a V-shape!

do your magic and give me my V!

The one I was using was the pore care
If you have been reading my blog long enough, you'll know that my pores is my biggest concern
After using the Regencos pore mask, my pores were definitely smaller and also I reveal to you my V-face!

Now you know why Regencos is the choice of celebrities and public figures!
who says that you need to go for surgery for a sharper face?

For more info/ for purchasing, go on to
The price for one mask is MYR17.90
For 5, you can get them at MYR82.50, what a bargain!


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