Sony Alpha Workshop 2014@Malacca

September 08, 2014

 Aloha!! I'm melting as type on... weather, Y U NO MERCY???
I can't believe it was two weeks ago that I went to the Sony Alpha Workshop at Malacca
if only I had a Pokemon to freeze time *sigh

It was a photography workshop (obviously!) that gathers all Sony camera users from all around the world
I think it was really awesome, everybody in the workshop is really into photography and as I like photography and would like to learn more, learning mode ON!
The best thing- making new blogger friends! (from left) Aerisk, Jiayeen, Kerchi, Angelica, myself and Jenny

After touching ground at Emperer Hotel in Malacca, we checked in, had lunch then everybody was so excited for the first workshop!

Food Photography
at first, what came into mind was the mainstream- taking pictures of ready-made food 
but turns out, there is a different photography!
The teacher was teaching all of us which modes to put on then there was a stage where it has two flashes- one on top and one under, and the outcome was......

deja-vu feeling of biology class hahaha

It sure was one hell of experience and I don't think I will ever learn something like this
camera settings- 1/160, F11.0, ISO200, Contrast +3, Saturation +1. 

Flash Photography
for the next station, we were taken to a vilage called Kampung Morten where the living museum is

while we wait for our green light to go into the living museum- typical me, finding places to sit anywhere, anytime haha

The living museum was called so because it is the most originated wooden house and the things in the house has been used through generations thus are all antics!
Seen here is the owner of the house, explaining to us the origins of the house and boy does he speak fluent english! He say that tourists like to come here as they can experience what it feels/looks to be living in the ancient days

After that, we were given a large flash lens to take picture of a grandmother with her granddaughter inside
to do so, we have to climb up a stairs and I have to pass as I'm not a fan of heights

Aerisk continuing to experiment with the Sony cameras
previously I personally thought that it was a waste of time to change into manual mode so I stayed on with my intelligent mode lol but after lessons, I find it interesting as different settings can have different outcomes, different feeling in pictures

Pre Wedding Photography
After dinner, another extensive workshop
The other photography enthusiast was still super excited while the other bloggers and myself were starting to show our no battery sign lol but we went anyways, shall not miss out anything lol
slideshows were shown before we went to the Malacca street

and..... this is the best I came out with hahaha not bad for a newbie, right???

Had so much fun learning photography from various photography professionals! all were super friendly and shared alot to us
and this is what most important, the sharing of knowledge, ain't it?

Lastly, another picture taken by one of the photographer/enthusiast that are all so friendly
Thank you! we learnt alot from all of you

a photography enthusiast yourself? want to learn more about photography?
go to for more info and updates on their events and maybe I'll see you there? haha


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  1. I love your blog design! It's so sweet and makes me feel so happy and ready to read your posts! ^^ <3 Your smile as just as sweet too. ^^ Love it!

    But focusing now on the post! ahaha

    This is such a fantastic way to learn. I mean it's so hands-on and it's like... camera boot camp! I'm definitely jealous. I'd like to learn more about using chun-chun cameras too, being a noob with a digital samsung. (one with a selfie feature no less hahah) But it's so great that they're offering services like this where peeps can turn up for a very hands-on workshop. I love it!

    Wishing you all the best in your future photo-taking! Hope to read more from you soon! ^^

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

    1. Hi there Rin! Thank you so much for your reply I really appreciate it! yeah, the hands-on experience was great and I'm sure you'll get to go to a workshop in the future! It was really really fun and I'll encourage you to go too <3