Port Dickson budget trip

September 21, 2014

This is actually quite some time ago but it's okay! better late than never right?
(my level self-consolation is always super high thus my happy go lucky attitude lol)
I have to admit that I am not actually a beach person, always prefer shopping to beach I really have no idea why, but once in a blue moon is fine so this year's beach quota is used! now you know not to call me on a beach trip anymore this year lol

I went to PD with a bunch of friends from church and so made it into a budget trip, always a good way to choose if you're broke like I am T.T
since we had another church friend who had resort condo for rent we decided to go to her and were not disappointed! It's always good to know someone in situations like this (not familiar in a place), because they will also recommend where to eat and where to go! 
The place where we stayed is called the Cocobay resort condo

pirate teddy in the room

a place to hang clothings (where to find in hotels?!!)

dining place/ kitchenette

and the living room which they converted into a bedroom as well

sooooo homey and comfortable!

and and and there's a beach right behind the resort condo
okay lah, not directly behind, but just a 5 mins walk, ask the guard behind the condo for directions!
with a garden-like walkway some more!

and this is where we did our workouts while vomiting sun set

good news for you! they are currently having a promotion til the year end which is super affordable
who says you can't go on a vacation with just rm100? (in a group of course)

go to their Facebook page for the reviews and more information here 

At night, thanks to the recommendation, we manage to go to the other side of the beach for a tasty meal of nasi lemak and porridge
got the sound of sea accompanying us some more!

I forgot where this place is, but do ask the owner for it!

The mouth-watering nasi lemak- with rendang chicken that is just nicely made with sambal, and also aromatic rice topped with fried egg
all this for just RM4.50

and porridge! I personally think the porridge is super tasty, maybe better than the nasi lemak hahaha but still, cannot part with my meat, so nasi lemak it is for me!

After dinner, we decided to sneaked into a 4-star hotel, Thistle just to see if we can
and we made it! mostly because they were having a function there and it was quite packed haha do try your luck!

then we went for a rest beside the pool, trying to see the stars in the sky and name them

and this ends our first day at PD
the next day for breakfast, we went to the PD eating point where they have amazing western breakfast

Beach breakfast 2 where you can even choose how you want your eggs to be- omelette or sunny side up

Garlic bread

The others were quite normal where you see them everywhere
the more special one is this french toast special- ham with cheese
ham and melting cheese in the center of egg-wrapped bread, so tasty I can't even!
I really can't describe it here, just go and try it!

For our high tea, we went to a place near PD Waterfront for ice kacang

looks like this is where the locals get their ice!

nothing to shout about, really but it was nice eating chilled ice on a sunny hot day

Another attempt to break in into another hotel- the grand lexus where they have their floating chalets

le sis and me pretending we are not in Malaysia but rather some beach place oversea lol

Beside the pool of grand lexus, there is a small alley where it will bring you to another beach!

hello there!!!

there were placed where we had our food but since it there is nothing to shout about, I will not post it here
On our way back, we travelled 20 minutes to a place called Lukut, in search of their famous Lucky King Bun, which is the size of my head

There are 3 different flavors available- we choose the combine version of it (rm40)

The bread itself can improve but the meat inside is really tasty! go try it if you are in that area
and this is all! have to continue with my finals preparation then off to another getaway yay!!
talk to you soon, my lovely blog x.

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  1. Hi! Thx for sharing this amazing condo resort. Will keep that in mind for nxt trip. And its so cute that you girls go crashing in hotels for pic!!! hahaha...

    1. Hi there! hahaha it was because it's a budget trip! cannot stay in big hotels at least can go and take pictures ma haha Thanks for commenting <3

  2. Nice write-up about the place with a lot of nice pictures. Check out some other hotels or beaches that is worth staying and visiting at this blog! One more things,don't forget about the seafood at port dickson too! ;D

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