Fashion Do's & Don'ts for petite girls

September 09, 2014

Hello again! been motivated to blog about more random stuff/ non-advertorial stuff recently
I mean, I would definitely want to read what I wrote when I'm old and stinky and wrinkly, don't I? so instead of reading advertorials I will want to know what is going on in my then-young head of mine lol

Believe or not, no matter how perfect people seems to portrait your body, there is always something that you are not satisfied about (for girls lah)
When I say to my friend "your legs is so long, I want it!"
she'll say "oh really? but look at my bloated arms and swimmer's shoulder!"

I'm sure you ladies out there will agree with me! even models that are perfectly proportioned and have never-ending legs and flat tummies will always complain about something they have/have not
so, it's logical that we normal mortals will complain more, no?

and here is what I have to complain about myself
List of unsatisfied body parts:
- flabby tummy
- short legs
- petite size
- elephant thighs

However, one thing I noticed is there are ways we can dress to cover up those unsatisfied body parts
Forgive me, but these Do's and Don'ts are only for petite dwarf-like people like me

1. Always wear high-waisted anything
be it shorts or skirts, they are made for people like us!
high waist apparels will make your legs look longer and also look thinner, I have no idea why but this is my logic- when you look longer, you will look thinner hahaha

2. Accompanied by high heels/ sneakers as long as they are padded
I think I don't have to mention this but since it is for petites, my as well give it a section
with high waisted lower body apparels, no doubt your legs will be longer
imagine pairing it with high heels!!!!!
long legs is no longer a myth for us ladies *smirk

3. Stay away for midi skirts (unless you have gorgeous calves)
Midi is/ was the "thing" to wear last season so we (me and my even petite size sis) got one for us deciding that we should at least tryyyyyyy
In the end, it turned out okay, pairing with a pair of 2-inch heel ( the higher the better but le sis wanted comfort WITH fashion, something unheard of, unless you are thin, tall and perfect)
but still, this decent looking picture came with a price! looking for the right angle for like, 5 minute

also, it also makes you look short

seen here is a picture I took for my "BFF makeover contest"
left- wearing midi length dress and I look like a (short) school-girl
right- wearing above knee dress, instantly added 4 inches (10cm) to my short frame, yes?
so always say no to midi dresses/ skirts no matter how tempted you are! those are not meant for us

4. hot pants and short dresses are our friends too
Don't feel comfortable in high waisted apparels? then get used to it already?!!!
if not, choose hot pants (not too hot) or short dresses (not too short also) and you'll be fine
also, for the perfect "leg" angle, stretch your leg that is pointing to the camera as long as possible
it took me years to finally perfect it, but who knows? maybe you are talented and will only need a few tries

5. Long hair is not advisable
longer hair make your body look shorter, logic?
but if you are a fan of Rapunzel, who am I to stop you?

6. long pants is out of the question
unless you have long thin perfect legs for it
if you noticed, I never wear long pants unless necessary and even if I do, I know I won't look good in it so there is absolutely no pictures of me in one
if forced to, always go back to number 2- wear high heels

okay, I think I've managed to cover most of it
last but not least, the best thing is to get a good photographer then you can forget what you've just read lol

see ya soon!

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  1. Great tips! I thought high waist will make my berry more obvious. Sounds i was wrong.. XD

    1. Hiiiii, thanks for your comment <3 You should definitely try and find out! my wardrobe has only high-waisted shorts n skirts hahaha

  2. Nice tips!
    Im petite too.
    Pleaseeeee write a post on petite fashion for muslim girls too.
    I would love to read that :)

    1. Hi Zayani! oops I forgot to state that this is for non-muslims heehee okay I will keep an eye on do's and don'ts for muslim girls <3

  3. I kinda agree with your tips! I'm super extra petite too XD But I love midi skirts after I tried it! :o Anyway, thanks for following, followed you dear :)