schwarzkopf essensity color and moisture range

August 27, 2014

I was kind of excited knowing that I'd get to review the new Schwarzkopf hair range- essensity because well, they were suppose to be the best salon shampoo, no?
Ever since I permed my hair, I have this dry and frizzy looking hair on top of my head and I need to blow dry my hair straight after I washed them if not I'll look like Alex the lion from madagascar lol

but not anymore! thanks to Schwarzkopf! *dreamy eye

The new range of essensity is to focus on damaged colored hair and we all know dyeing our hair is a must for us Asians to look better and prettier
but the damage it cause on our hair can be pretty alarming so Schwarzkopf is here to save the day!
It will lock your hair color to make it lasts longer and also minimize the damage on your hair

ESSENSITY by Schwarzkopf Professional stands for coloration products, which are
free from ammonia, silicones, mineral oil and artificial fragrances, and for plant-based
ingredients in natural care products.
There are two different range- color and damage & color and moisture

And the best thing is.....
The innovative Phytolipid Technology is based on natural and organic ingredients with fair-trade Marula oil, effectively replaces the lost lipids of the hair and seals the cuticle for a high care, superb anti-fade protection and maximal color reflection. The products, which are free from silicons, sulfates**, parabens and mineral oil, were specially developed for colored hair:

Made from natural ingredients ....

all care products are free-from artificial fragrance - using only 100% natural fragrance
WHATTTTTTT all these in one bottle?

My Verdict -
there were no bubbles after rubbing them onto my hair, unlike other shampoos which means that there were NO artificial chemicals in it that makes the bubbles
Also, my hair felt softer and smoother after I wash off the shampoo and if you're lazy, you can even skip the conditioner! really, you can feel the difference in just one wash
I would like to say that my hair looked like this after

but haha nobody's hair look like this with no photoshop

The smell of green tea is very obvious but not too strong and I kind of like it
As I have oily scalp, I have to wash my hair every other day as this is a moisturing range
however, if you have dry hair, this essensity range will be perfect for you!

Tired of fading hair color?
Tired of damaged hair after coloring?
Then this is the perfect hair care for you!

One set of this range includes of

  • Color & Moisture Shampoo

The PEG- and sulfate-free formula cleanses normal to dry hair and seals the cuticle. It adds moisture to the hair and makes it soft and manageable.
250 ml – RM56, 1000 ml – RM140

  • Moisturizer (leave it on for 2 minutes is more than enough)

The rinse-out conditioner restores the hair’s lost lipids. The rich, creamy and moisturizing formula is rapidly absorbed by the cuticle and smoothes hair without weighing it down.
200 ml – RM56, 1000 ml – RM140

  • Hair spray (twice a week is recommended)

This deep-acting intense hair mask adds moisture to normal and dry hair, and restores softness and smoothness even to rough, brittle and untamable hair.
200 ml, RM56

  • Hair mask (once a week is recommended)

The leave-in conditioner coats each strand without weighing the hair down. It forms a protective shield against harmful external influences and prevents the color from fading.
200 ml, RM56

For further information please visit
Cheers to healthy hair!

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