BBQ Buffet Palm Hill Cafe @Putrajaya Shangri-la

August 14, 2014

Hello lovelies!
I've been busy with presentations and assignments this week I just can't wait til all of this ends
and it will, soon!
Last Saturday, I got the privilege to review the BBQ buffet at Putrajaya Shangri-la so excitedly, I called upon my partner in crime and with the help of my faithful waze, found the place just in time

The Palm Hill Cafe is said to be located at Level 1, that's why the moment we stepped into Shangri-la, my babe and I was looking for an elevator to go up, but surprise surprise, there were friendly staff at the elevator giving directions to guest! and...... turns out the lobby is at Level 3, so down we go!
The view from the lobby haha

After I got out of the elevator, a chic yet modern design cafe welcomed me

I was actually dying to try it all out the moment I reached but decided to go for some photos first before it got dark, oh did I mentioned that the BBQ is only for dinner?
practical lah, because I wouldn't want to have BBQ in the afternoon with Malaysia's weather!
I'd rather starve, seriously lol

fresh appetizers!
I'm not a fan of raw food, so the others got to be the scapegoat the privilege to taste them first hand and their comment was- mmmm, fresh!

Then, here are some of the main dishes!
The Briyani chicken on the left is unexpectedly my favourite dish of them all

Though mainly the food was more asian, there are also western food served! yum yum, now this is what I prefer

Also, for the salad lovers

anddddddd, I present to you the main guest of the night! - BBQ food
Shangri-la is so professional that they have their BBQ chefs outside of the cafe, scaring the smell of it will linger on their guest
well, truthfully I was prepared to go home smelling like BBQ beef, what a huge relieve! now this is what I call dedicated to serving their customers

kebabs, anyone?

and not to forget, DESSERTSSSSS
the dessert even got their own section of the cafe, I know! WHATTTTTT

too many of them I didn't know how to choose *screams
Feeling like Alice in wonderland hahaha

A very tired looking me and my babe hahaha super unphotogenic, that's me

and also the MHB girls!

The BBQ Buffet is only on Saturdays
Buffet Lunch 
price:RM88 Nett 
time:12pm - 2:30pm

BBQ Buffet Dinner 
price:RM110 Nett 
time:7pm - 9:30pm

Children under 12 will get 50% off the price

  1. Palm Hill Cafe Putrjaya Shangri-la
  2. Address: Presint 1, 62000 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

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