How I love my pastries

August 24, 2014

On my birthday celebration with my church's youth leaders, they decided to bring food with my initials, food that starts with a 'c' lol
They asked me what food I love and that time I couldn't think about any...
In the end, they brought calamari, cakes, chicken ball, chicken wings, coca cola and more...

After that, I started to think, what exactly do I love? Is it 
Western cuisine?
Chinese cuisine?

Because I love everything I couldn't actually think of a particular food I love most and that kind of scare me... "maybe I don't understand myself as much as I think I did" ...
and mind you, if you ever think that, the uncertainty will eat you up because well, aren't you suppose to be the person that understand yourself best?

And now I can finally declare that I love my pastries best hahaha (should have asked for cheese tarts that night) I've always love western cuisine and that of course include my pastries
I love how they look, smell and taste, the unfamiliar appearance and smell turning familiar once you take a bite of it
There's mostly a surprise inside the wraped-up flour and I can't wait to find out what they are, whether or not I like it or not haha, the surprise is still too delicious

One day, when I went to Texas chicken with my lil bro, he got a set with their famous honey butter scone while I had a wrap and a box of fries
"how about i give u my fries and you give me your scone?" 
Le very clever bro thought about the pros and cons of it then of course agreed seeing i'm the one with a loss here mate
So I got my honey butter scone with my chicken wrap and that was my dinner lol
And this is how deep my love for pastries are...
So if you want to get something I like, get a box of pastries (scones, cupcakes, macaroons, cakes, tarts..) and I'll promise to love you forever HAHAHA 


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