in love and falling out of it

August 01, 2014

I don't know whether you've been in the same social circle as I am, but recently there's been ALOT of outburst of relationship declaration
everyday has been gigacircle this gigacicle that then suddenly it's like BAM we're sick of gigacircle let's talk love
so now it's gigacircle this, love declaration, gigacircle that, break ups lol
what is with this stupid website??!!!
I can only say, people read what they want to read
of course you'd want to be labelled as one of the "10 beautiful girls in ipoh" or "10 hot hunks in sungai petani" wth but from an unknown site?! there's nothing to be proud of, dude

anyways, I think it's really sweet when someone you love declare your love on the website and when I read posts like that i'll be like, awwwww then feel that there's still love in this world and faith in humanity level goes up
I admit I get happy/ touched by those small small things and I think these are the things in life that we should focused on instead of wanting expensive/ unrealistic things to bring happiness into our lives
no wonder there's so many suicide cases because admit it, only one in one million chances thare'll be people that show you that they love you through an aeroplane with a banner that reads "I LOVE YOU CHARIS"
hahaha much as I wish for, it ain't gonna happen (unless of course le boyf reads this and then it appears on his mind but I still think that he'll brush it aside lol so no aeroplane for me!) but it's okay! as long he pays for all my shopping I'm fine lolll

okay I'm ranting again but to those that are going through a hard break up, there's the silver lining that someone better for you is out there waiting for the right time to be with you for a lifetime!
you will know some people that says, "but you two looked so good together!"
"I always thought you both will get married and have hundreds of babies!"
well, hell with that
don't know whether they are trying to console you or make you even sadder
but just say thank you and ignore what they said and get on with a better hope that someone EVEN BETTER is waiting for you
when single friends admits that they're envy of me and le boyf, I'll always smile and say thank you
but what I want to say to them is, "the right one for you is already waiting for a right time to meet you and get married and have hundreds of babies with you so just wait and your time will come!"
.......and now I sound like the end of days is coming lol

I know I know I sound like a saint here, but I've always been the sentimental one that always think of other's feeling before doing anything (unless it is related to my temper)
when someone I know is hurting, I hurt
when someone is crying, I cry
when a total stranger is sad, I go up and try to talk to them (if they have wechat hahaha #truestory)
I even cry while watching advertisements wth is it even possible??!!
no idea whether it is a good thing or not hmmmm
I just know that my tear glands is super active and tears is like my way of responding to everything
I cry when I'm happy
I cry when I'm mad
I cry when I'm sad (obviously)
I cry when I've laughed too much
I cry when i'm sick
I cry when I basically feel anything. end of the story.
but of course I've had my moments when I absolutely don't care about anything anyone but as I grow up, I found that it is totally unacceptable and insensitive and immature of me so apparently crying is my solution to all this *rollseye

and that's all wth I am supposed to be doing my assignmentsssss but my typings were use here instead
maybe I can just print and pass this up as my assignment? lol imagine, question is what is a good supply chain management and my answer is crying hahaha
and this is my life story wth
talk to you soon! xx

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