Student vs Intern

March 12, 2015

Oh hi there!
I've wanted to write a blog post about the difference in student life and internship for quite some time now but needed to accumulate pictures first and now there's enough to prove how exciting and productive I feel right now!
oh. I didn't fool you?
well, a girl can always hope, right?
Internship is.............
something different from being a student and also as a freelancer
Let me tell you how and why

1. You have no say in your wake up time
When was the last time you woke up on a work day without an alarm?
Er, never.

2. You wear almost the same work clothes every week
I have brand new clothes that I have yet to wear.
The worst part? I bought them weeks ago. WHAT???

3. I cook.

If not, how to survive with those intern's allowance? *insert crying face
NOTE: They're allowance, not salary. Now you know why.

4. You have no friends.
You don't get to meet your mates anymore. Everyone is busy with their own work.
Worse, some has gone back to their own country. *wipes tears
Your colleagues are not your friends.
I repeat.
They are not your friends. They are your colleagues.
Do they know what insane stuff you did on your last birthday?
My point exactly. Your colleagues will never know you as your mates did.

5. Your laptop is your best friend.
What would you do without it?
No friends= No social life= TVB dramas every night
Meet my soul mate.

6. No more OOTD's
I cannot imagine asking my boss "OOTD! my legs must be long ah"
I'll get fired on the spot. lol

7. You finally realize what they say is true- Study life is the best time of your life.
Anyone invented the time machine yet?

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  1. Replies
    1. Fion, I know right? I was like sighing all the way while typing *sighs again

    2. I am already mentally depressed thinking that I have to go through all this shit soon bcos my graduation is in December ARGHHHH

  2. Now the problem is dont know wan stay in Aussie or go back Malaysia after graduation
    Think about this oso head crack

    1. Hmmm Aussie should be better lol there's no future in Msia one la unless you want to be near to your family la, but even that you can always ask them to migrate to Aussie after you have a stable job there. This is just my opinion la heehee! Urgh, at least you have time til December T.T I'm living this shitty life now *depressed

  3. I think working life is better than student life. At least you have income :P

    blog post: First Experience of Laser Treatment

    1. hahaha that one i agree! okay la, working still has its plus points but not much compared to student lor =D