Can I knock my head on the wall? Can I?

March 02, 2015

This blog is slowly being commercialized thus I decided to stop and take a breath and figure what I actually want from this blog
The last post about what I thought, what I did was........ months ago
Maybe it is the change of status from student to intern (yes! I'm currently interning)
Maybe it is the lack of motivation
Whatever it is, I know that I had fun reading all my old posts so yeah, I won't be closing it down anytime soon.

Returning to my title, sometimes I really feel like banging my head on the wall
I have never EVER feel like that about someone else but really beh tahan myself
Every month coming the "time of the month" I always remind myself to put extra you-know-whats into my bags
and because I always changes bags, somehow every time when I'm outside when the red alarm (pun intended) comes, I always won't have any you-know-whats with me
and it will always come when I'm out, no, not when I'm feeling comfy at home nuh-huh NEVER
I swear I have like 10 packs of you-know-whats at home and still counting
le boyfriend will be like "what?! not again, okay wait I go buy for you" when I'm calling for help in the washroom

sometimes it's so funny I can laugh at myself and call myself "cute" *puke
while sometimes I just feel like strangling myself and fling myself at the wall.
Turns out today is the day I want to kill myself.
Goodbye. This may or may not be my last post

hah! just joking. Maybe I can strangle someone else instead. lol

Til the next post!

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