Benefit #medreamcurl roller lash launch

March 03, 2015

Ohaii today is one of those rare days that I feel like twirling and clapping for the wonderful day
lol I have to admit I'm one of those weather girls whose mood can change drastically one, so beware oh friends! 
This is a super late update of this Benefit Roller Lash mascara launch at Sephora Starhill before CNY lol I remembered because after that I went CNY shopping with my brother *pat on the back for being such an awesome sister

As usual, benefit's decoration for events is super girly, just how I like it to be!
let the pictures do all the talking, shall we?

there was even a photo booth where they took polariod pictures with all these super cute props

and after all the talk, here is the mascara that I had been raving about!
even the packaging is so attractive! take my money, benefit!!

I swear that this is one of the best mascaras I had used
curls your lashes all day long
lengthens your lashes so it looks like you have falsies on
super easy to use
no need for eyelash curler to get curly eyelashes

the black dye kept leaving residue on my cheeks just below my eyes
lashes not as natural looking as Dejavu's Fiberwig mascara, looks more like you're wearing falsies

I have absolutely no idea whether it was like this for everyone or because my lashes were too long after applying it lol but this one little disadvantage won't stop me from using this amazing mascara la
what's your say?

love love love my lashes now that I have Benefit Roller Lash mascara!
Get yours now at all Benefit stores


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