what I learnt from my wiper

March 04, 2015

LOL I know right? what kind of lunatic am I to learn things from my wiper
However, while I was driving in the rain after work ( why does it have to rain after work is out of my tiny little head, maybe God was bored so He decided to see what our little head thinks while doing nothing except release clutch, press oil accelerator, press clutch, brake, and repeat and repeat until you reach home, yes I drive a manual car, so clever ah you)
Anyway, while I was doing nothing except of course release clutch, press oil accelerator, press clutch and brake,
a big fat drop of rain dropped on my windshield and my wiper just wipes it off like nothing happened
all in less than 2 seconds
VOILA just like that.
It's like telling us to wipe away our tears as soon as a tear drops
no use dreading what will happen and what will not happen, life is just too short
Interesting, no?
Anyway, happy after work free time, whatever you are doing!
Me? I'm just gonna drink some bird's nest while watching my Once Upon A Time Season 4

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