MISS Coffee and Toast

February 04, 2015

I can't believe it's already February.....where did January went to? oops
If you've been following me on FB, you've definitely saw this pic of me strangling holding a plant  in this nice place lol
madly in love with this place la, the environment and food and company all is LOVE
If you're wondering where this place is, it's the new MISS Coffee and Toast cafe at Puchong
The concept of it is a very laid back atmosphere to chill and have good food

The drink i ordered- Organic Soy Milk Latte (RM11)
At first I was like, this soy milk very nice hor? ignoring the grass jelly at the side

Then Jia Yeen say "I think you're suppose to pour it in" total genius lol
the grass jelly is coffee flavored so the coffee taste comes from there though it is just very mild, perfect for people who doesn't drink coffee like me

Smoked Salmon Salad (RM18.80)
Fresh salmon topped on fresh vegetables and feta cheese cubes with a pinch of house dressings, yums!

Classic Waffle (RM16)
A waffle lover myself, I think that this waffle is just nice for my liking!
fluffy waffles with a lil' crispy on the outside, topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream with chocolate syrup and fresh sweet strawberries
I almost went up and ask them where they get their strawberries as it is super sweet! unlike the ones bought at supermarkets

MISS Classic Honey Toast (RM16)
Their signature toast! Honey toast accompany with ice cream and chocolate syrup, whipped cream and extra helpings of vanilla ice cream
The others did mention that the toast is a bit too hard on the outside but I thought that it was just nice and the honey helped soften it up, you don't want no soft and limp toast right?

Chocolate Strawberry Toast (RM19)
Out of the both, I prefer this better as I am a self proclaimed chocolate lover too! hahaha I realize that I am a lover of most food lol

Mini Toast
1 for RM5
3 for RM12
5 for RM20

you choose from a variety of

  • baked cheesy chicken ham on toast with mozzarella 
  • shredded crab meat mixed with mayonnaise on toast
  • smoked salmon, capers, olive oil and lemon on toast
  • smoked duck, hard-boiled egg, mesclun salad on toast

On a much filling side, the smoked salmon carbonara (RM18.80)
Another favorite dish there as the carbonara is not too creamy

Other than good food, you can also purchase a love lock that you normally see on tv and lock them here! You will get a BFF/love certificate when you lock it up, and you will gwt a FREE honey toast when you come to get them back after ONE YEAR, just to prove that your friendship/love truly lasts. hahaha what a great way to prove your relationship, don't you think so?

 Come over to MISS Coffee and Toast now!

G-06, Ground Floor, Tower 4 & 5,
PFCC, Jalan Puteri 1/2,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Selangor.

019-389 3909 / 03-8066 3747
Facebook Page: MISS Coffee & Toast
Operating Hours: Monday - Sunday 8a.m. till 12a.m.

Cheers, x.

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