Family platter launch@ The Ballroom

April 21, 2015

Hello there! Surprised to see me back?
Working life really have no mercy on me, I want my life back! 
Now all I do is sleep, watch series, work or is it work sleep, watch? lol
I have been invited to join a family platter launch at The Ballroom last week! I was pretty excited because I went to their Blackbull outlet and was pretty impressed, no kidding! I love their concept of play, eat, sing, you can read here if you haven't!

The Ballroom is slightly different than Blackbull in the sense of it's design though all outlets offer bowling, darts, pool, karaoke and food obviously
The Ballroom is catered to a younger target groups thus all it's attracting designs I'm absolutely lovin'

Like a king

Stop! Pedestrians walking

 Bowling time! with kiddies ball, omg so cute I can die!

Fall on me, oh bowling champion spirits

bowling balls smaller than my head

The chilling area

Pool area with fantastic deco

and and and! the place I love most!
Can you belive that these are actually doors to the karaoke rooms? omg so high I can faint

Anyways, the main focus of the day is this!
*drums rolling and trumpets blowing
I give you.....THE FAMILY PLATTER! The platter is so big I had to divide it into two parts of picture

All these food at up to 50% off!! This family platter is specially for parents day
*hint hint nudge nudge
As the Ballroom understands that
  "No love is greater than mum's love, no care is better than dad's care"

The package includes the whole platter plus appetizer and desserts, accompanied with

  • entertainment (bowling, pool and karaoke)
  • FREE Optimal Spectacles worth MYR499
  • ZOPO Smartphone voucher worth MYR100

Just book this package online and be the
first 3 families to get this platter at MYR108.95 (50% discount)
first 4-8 families to get it at MYR152.55 (30% discount)
first 9-18 families to get it at MYR174.35 (20% discount)

For more info, go to their website here
For bookings, go here

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