How I healed my Period Cramps by using Nefful Products

May 25, 2015


Ohai all!
Today I would like to share this very useful and effective product that I am using for some time now- NEFFUL.

NEFFUL is a Japanese-based company that produces negative ions clothings that is beneficial to our health. Now, it is widely known around the globe that heals illness from the most minor ones like flu and dizziness to majors ones like even cancer. (I know, like WHAT?)

So what is this negative ion thing that I'm talking about?

Okay okay, now you know what negative ions do, What exactly can they do for me?
Because of course it all comes back to me, myself and I.

All these can be achieved without medication because we all know deep down that medications will have some kind of negative side effects right?
I am a firm believer of not-taking-medication-unless-needed type of person so this really suit me like coke is to fast food

Recently I heard one aunty saying that there is a negative ion mattress that is priced more than MYR20k, madness
and the most absurd of all?

People actually buys them. There MUST be some truth behind their actions right?
But the mattresses are only useful when you sleep on it
What better way than to wear it on your body 24/7?

so here is where Nefful comes in.
After years of research, Japan researchers (where else?) finally found a way to let negative ions be available to us 24/7- clothings!

Now, let me tell you my story before you become sceptical
I've always had this problem from young- period cramps!

And because my period doesn't come on schedule since forever, I always spend one day per month lying on the bed moaning and sweating and swearing and eventually sleeping to pass the pain

I always thought that this problem will be with me forever until one day my mum gave me this Nefful underwear and I thought, "there's nothing to lose aye?" and said goodbye to my sexy lacey panties lol

Of course the miracle doesn't happen overnight since I had this problem for years

But after one month, I felt that the pain wasn't as much as it was, and after one or two hours it was no more. I remembered because it was during work time and I was thinking whether to take half day leave or not, in the end I din't have to because my pain was no more.

after two months, I just felt a minor discomfort and it soon subsided into nothing after I drank a hot chocolate drink

by now (three months), I don't even know when my period came until I had to go to the ladies
HOLY MACARONI! What sorcery is this?!

I never thought that it can happen without the help of medication or prevention of cold drinks
Now I iz can drink cold icy drinks even when my period time is coming!

Now, I also use their eye mask (I have sensitive eyes that swells without reason)
their neck warmer (when I have sore throat and cough)
and also their socks (just because)

And here I am telling you about this because I really reallyyyyyyy think that this is an awesome product that should be told to the whole world

Still sceptical? Read here for other testimonials that range from small minor illness like mine to majors and absurd ones like cancer and parkinson's and diabetes

If you want to know more, you can always email me at
I am happy to tell you more!

or check Nefful out at their website
At your service, Sir/Madam

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  1. Charis... wht sorcery you using?! Haha..
    Anyway, thanks for sharing! Really useful for all girls~ <3
    First time visitng yr blog coz u ask me to. lol.. (sorcery)