A date with casio @Thvrsday

August 14, 2015

Anyeong peeps!
I've been away from some time now, guilty!
but but but
I couldn't stop myself from sharing what I did these few months
one of them is, without doubt, attending an event by Casio!
I'm sure if you follow me on my social media you'd know already
well, if you haven't *cough cough kindly do what you know you must do!
talking in signs is one of the things I do now ha ha ha

Anyways! I was pretty excited when I got the invitation from Casio
I mean, hello, it's Casio, the brand for selfie
I think I'm still secretly hoping someone can just surprise me with a TR! *hint hint nudge nudge

Imagine the surprise I got when I got there!

Isn't this what all girls are hoping for?
dreamy, pastel and full with cameras from Casio

The objective of this event is to officially launch the new ZR camera- ZR3500
ZR is a camera for traveling (and selfie, of course!) where it is compact, light and shoots amazingly clear pictures as you would a dslr
The difference with TR is, the beauty mode just make your skin smooth (-6 to +6) and adjust your skin tone (tan or fair) while TR is well, TR, you get bigger eyes and sharper chin, you know the drill

Casio marketing manager showing off and telling us what ZR3500 does

Followed by the MD of Casio Malaysia from Japan, I personally thinks all uncles from Japan is super kawaii, no?

Us girls paying attention to what they were saying, because, well isn't it obvious?

The new Casio ZR3500 comes with 4 colors, that is yellow, beige (champagne), white and pink
My personal fav is the champagne color! It's the new color from Casio, isn't it amazing??!!

Later on, we even had a selfie workshop from our own Malaysia DJ- DJ Vera, ain't she gorgeous?
We were all looking forward to this session as tips for selfie is always welcome

Afterwards, we had fun just mixing around and talking lotsa selfie using the Casio ZR3500!
how I wish I could smuggle them home T.T
(from left) Jenny, myself, Jiayeen and Patricia

The laughter on our faces says it all!

The three lucky lucky winners that day, lucky girls!

Here is some of the girls that day, taking a group photo with the MD of Casio
It was pretty late so some of them went off early

All in all, it was a happy day as we get to know more about the new features of the new Casio ZR3500, I will tell you more in deets in the next post, so stay tuned!

Casio ZR3500 is now retailing at only RM1699
For more information, you can go to this website:


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