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August 18, 2015

My skin and me has that love-hate relationship going on,
I used to have acne breakouts in my teenage years but it's over now and I don't miss that period of time, the hair covering pimples, eyes on the floor, self confidence level 0 moment
however, what was left was the scars and enlarge pores on my face
If you know me, I've been losing that battle for like, forever
So imagine my excitement when KO Skincare Specialist invited me over for a consultation!
I had always heard of the famous Dr Ko for so long and now I finally had the chance to experience for myself

The founder of Dr.Ko Skin Specialist – Dr Ko Chung Beng, spent 17 years in UK and obtained his specialist qualifications prior to his return to Malaysia in 1994. He headed the Dermatology Department of Seremban Hospital until 1997, then founded the KO Skin Specialist which has since been providing a comprehensive range of in-depth services from dermatology to cosmetic surgery.

When he first started out on his own in 1997, KO Skin Specialist was just a little clinic in Klang, located on the first floor of a shop lot. However the effectiveness of his prescriptions soon spread and today, that little clinic is now the headquarters for the 26 clinics of KO Skin Specialist centres across Malaysia. KO Skin Specialist now has their very own formulation of skincare products which are formulated by their team of professionals to combat signs of aging, acne and other skin problems. The centres also offer the most complete range of laser therapy equipment in Asia. No longer just a Malaysian brand, KO Skin Specialist has a branch in Xiamen, China, and will be opening more branches in the future! How’s that for a Malaysian success story?

Dr.Ko Skin Specialist has four (4) skincare ranges namely – DermaxClinicare, KO Dermaceutical, KO Series, and eKo.

The DermaxClinicare series is known for its effectiveness in preventing new acne formation. Products in this series are meticulously blended with a natural botanical extracts under strict quality control. It removes impurities; refines open pores; soothes and heals the skin for an acne-free face.
This series comprises a broad range of products, even for dry and sensitive skin. Products from the DermaxClinicare series may be used together with products from other Dr.Ko Skincare series depending on your needs.

KO Dermaceutical
The KO Dermaceutical series speeds up recovery; protects the skin from sun exposures; combats dullness, pigmentation, dehydration whilst reversing the signs of aging. The serums, cleansers, toners, moisturizers and sunscreens complement the needs of most skin types, and is also ideal for post-treatment care. Like Dermax and the KO series, products from the KO Dermaceutical range can be used together with products from other series, depending on your skin condition.

KO Series
The KO series offers a gentle solution to reduce blemishes, which is great news for those who have sensitive or acne-prone skin as most blemish fighting products can irritate sensitive skin.

The eKo series is infused with amaranthuscaudatus — one of the best sources of vegetable protein known for its antioxidant and skin revitalization properties.

All these rnges can be mix and match to fight different skin problems
The range of products that were prescribed to me:

From left:(clockwise)
Dermax Bio Balance Toner 2
KO Dermaceutical Perfect C Serum 23
KO Series Vitality 2-in-1 Facial Cleanser
Ko Dermacare Anti Acne Mist
KO Dermaceutical Perfect Enzyme Mud 11
Dermax Bio Defence Sunscreen SPF60
KO Series Acne Therapy Solutions Clarifying Treatment Moisturizer
Dermax Bio Firming Eye Essence 8

I will talk more on individual product in the next blogpost so stay tuned!

You can now purchase Dr. KO Skin Specialist products online at http://www.drkoskincare.com/

To celebrate the opening of their e-store, Dr.Ko Skincare is running the following promotions from 20 July 2015 to 20 August 2015:

– 20% storewide discount

– 50% discount on Ko Series

– Free delivery for purchase of RM300.00 and above

Download the Dr.Ko Skin Specialist mobile app to receive a RM20.00 e-voucher code (you will find the e-voucher code displayed under the Promotion Tab). One (1) redemption per account and it is valid with the 20% storewide discount (excluding 50% discount items).

The Dr.Ko Skin Specialist headquarters is located at:

10A-22A, JalanTemoh,
Off Jalan Goh Hock Huat,
41400 Klang, Selangor,

T:+603 3343 3140

You can also head over to http://www.koskinspecialist.com/ to find the complete list of branches.

Telephone: 1-800-22-33-22

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